Is the BREXFIX on

The people have spoken they want "out" , yet it seems there may still be much to do to make it an actual implementation. Scare lines like No more Euros(football), No more french wine, All "none British" most leave."Some of the UK’s top universities have reportedly faced issues working with their European partners, including being asked to leave EU-funded projects, in the wake of the EU referendum result."

Inexperienced showed when , part of the eu commission wanted article "50" evoked immediately.Jean-Claude Juncker is a Luxembourgish politician who has been President of the European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union (EU) says “That’s the last time you are applauding here. And to some extent I’m really surprised that you are here,”
“You were fighting for the exit. The British people voted in favour of the exit; why are you here?”

Leave voter where almost shocked by their own victory
At the end of a campaign that dominated the news for months, it was suddenly obvious that the winning side had no plan for how or when the UK would leave the EU – while the deceptive claims that carried the leave campaign to victory suddenly crumbled. At 6.31am on Friday 24 June.

The main leader of the leave campaign is now speading the news in europe ukipThe UKIP leader was booed, heckled and prompted politicians to put their head in their hands when the MEP of 17 years spoke to the European Parliament for the first time since the ‘Brexit’ vote.

The Leader of ukip resigns amidst rumours of death threats,
The charismatic politician, whose shock resignation yesterday had Westminster reeling, has told friends of his growing concern about a series of death threats made towards him and members of his family by Left-wing thugs.
He is also understood to be worried about the intense pressure that leading the anti-Brussels party has put on his marriage and his family.
Friends say he is now considering a number of possible ventures as his decision to sacrifice his high-earning business career for politics had left him financially stretched.

The leader of the political remain campaign has stepped aside conservative
The New unelected , uncontested leader of the current government is the only one of the four potential candidates that leaned to the remain side


The Parliment of the UK may actually vote down the referendum
Parliament must still vote on a bill to allow the UK to leave the European Union, leading lawyers have said.
Geoffrey Robertson QC, who founded the Doughty Street Chambers, said the act which set up the referendum said "nothing" about its impact, meaning it was "purely advisory".
A new bill to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act that took Britain into the EU must now be passed by parliament, he said, adding that MPs might not be able to vote until November when the economic effects of Brexit will be clearer.

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