Who should be paying who in the great brexit debate and or divorce ?

Who really does have to pay , who was the one that was the bigger more powerful part in the start ? In a Marriage, at a spilt the richer part usually has to give allamony to the poorer part. Who is poorer The UK or Europe?

In all regards it has to be the uk , therefore they are the ones that should be getting paid for even wanting to leave, And the fact that they want to leave should be forcing the E.U. to give them the best conditions in hope at least that they return even if they do leave.

For the E.U. to be demanding money from the U.K. is tantamount to something like a lean, you know like someone puts a lean on you like the "Sopranos"


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No, all the media is is that . On till we see the final outcome please see like below, and for those that know please see the link that is under that for something different






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